Tuesday, October 6, 2009

From the Beginning

I met Joyce late in 2006. I had just started working at the O.U.R.(organization of United Resources) Center in Hastings managing the foodbank. She used to come with another volunteer and was this really sweet super shy lady. I'd try to get her to say a few words. Mostly she just smiled. In January of 2007 I was hand painting a sign for GED classes that had been scheduled and Joyce asked" Are you makin' a paintin'?" I said "kind of. Have you ever painted?" Before she could say "no" I was heading for my truck asking if she wanted to try. I grabbed an old canvas that was in the back and took it into her, poured some paint out for her and she did the rest. Since that time she has made a few hundred pieces of art. Even during rough times she kept painting. She and I have decided to create this blog to keep track of our unlikely friendship and her amazing story. We'll start from the beginning when I would send her home with some paper and markers and each week she would bring me new work. I would put them up on the bulletin board by my desk. Alot has happened since then but for now let's enjoy these first pieces.

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